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Get a taste of this!

1. White Yak

white yak.png

Get a taste of Tibet in Philadelphia. Opened in 2019, they are definitely a must try!

2. Dim Sum Garden

dim sum garden.png

When you go, add all the dumpling sauce! All of it! Absolutely delicious. 

3. Amma's South Indian Cuisine 

amma's philly.png

With locations in both Philly and South Jersey, make sure you get your hands on a taste of Amma's South Indian Cuisine. My family loves this place!

4. Pho 75

pho 75.png

There are no shortages of pho places that you can find around Philly, but Pho 75 is definitely one you should check out!

5. Taqueria Amor

taqueria amore.png

Taqueria Amor, previously known as Taqueria Feliz, is located in Manayunk. I am a big fan of their fish tacos, but anything from them is delicious!

6. Parc


Take a moment to check out Parc for their delicious French specialties !

7. Bing Bing Dim Sum

bing bing.png

There is no such thing as too much dim sum, Bing Bing is another great option for when you're craving dumplings!

8. Suraya


 Come get a little taste of Beirut while in Fishtown and check out Suraya!

9. Zahav


Zahav is a modern Israeli restaurant, be sure to make your reservation ASAP!

10. Barcelona Wine Bar


Check out Barcelona for the amazing atmosphere, tapas & wine!

11. Pizzeria Beddia


Pizzeria Beddia is probably hands down one of the best pizza places you will ever try!

12. Sampan


Everything at Sampan is a must try! Delicious food and great service!

13. Barbuzzo


Wonderful Mediterranean food and great atmosphere!

14. Fitz and Starts

fitz and starts.png

Fitz and Starts, previously known as Hungry Pigeon, has perfect options for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We have Perks at:

  • Amis Trattoria

  • Pizzeria Vetri

  • Gatehouse

  • Terrain Cafe

So be sure to give them a try as well!

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