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Help those in need of food

What you can do:

-Donate online

-Drop off food at local fridges   


Refugee relocation to Philadelphia

What you can do:

-Decorating homes before refugees arrive to Philly, this can be done as a group of up to 4 people.

-Prepare or buy a culturally appropriate meal for refugee's arrival

-Buy groceries - done through instacart    



Drive hunger from our communities today and to end hunger for good

What you can do:

Volunteers sort and pack food to be distributed through our programs and agency network. You could be packing canned goods, produce, meat, or helping with various warehouse tasks. 




Help protect and save the environment

What you can do:

-Attend events

-Plant trees

-Clean up local parks



Connection to food and nature in an urban community

What you can do:

-Seasonal opportunities to volunteer with the farmer, garden center staff, our farm stand and at events.

 PAWS finds loving homes for thousands of animals in need, and enables thousands of families to keep their cherished pet

What you can do:

-Animal care (walking, feeding, cleaning up after animals) 

-Adoption events 

-Behind the scenes


By helping caring for the goats you are supporting the organization's mission of building community, have sustainable practices and provide engaging educational opportunities.

What you can do:

-Morning/Evening care
-Community walks/farm tours at the Farm at Awbury
-Offsite events and visits to local schools, libraries, etc.
-Barn maintenance and general "fixing-up"
-Community outreach/publicity
-Running errands (picking up hay, straw, etc)


Combating clothing insecurity.

What you can do:

-On-site volunteers will help with in-store operations including: assisting clients finding the clothing they need, helping shoppers, keeping the store clean, processing donations, and supporting program staff.

-Sorting clothing for Afghan refugees

-Hosting a clothing drive

-Can volunteer as a group


Volunteering Opportunities

It is important to us that we give back to our community. Giving back to our community allows us to grow closer and build connections with those around us. Check out some of the volunteering opportunities around Philly.

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